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Listed in Order of First Appearance

Eric Roberts - Actor: The Dark Knight, Another World, The Tomb, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Vittorio Matteucci - Actor/Singer: Dante in The Divine Comedy musical opera. (Italy)
Vincent Spano - Actor: Rumble Fish, Alive, Dante's Hell Animated, etc. (Los Angeles,USA)
Jenn Gotzon - Actress: Frost/Nixon, Doonby, etc. (Los Angeles,USA)
Silvia Colloca - Actress: Van Hesling, Dante's Hell Animated, etc. (Melbourne, Australia)
Lalo Cibelli - Actor, Singer: Virgil in The Divine Comedy musical opera. (Rome, Italy)
Shirly Brener - Actress: Righteous Kill, Hit List, Streets of Blood, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Jeff Conaway - Actor: Grease, Taxi, Babylon 5, Dante's Hell Animated, etc. (USA)
Gianmario Pagano - Priest, Scriptwriter: Jesus, Moises, The Apocalypse, etc. (Rome, Italy)
Franco Nero - Actor: Django Unchained, Die Hard 2, Django, etc. (Rome, Italy)
Helene Cardona - Actress/Poet: Chocolat, Inglourious Basterds, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Brittany Asaro - Academic Scholar in Italian Literature (Los Angeles, USA)
Christina July Kim - Actress: Placebo, Triggerman, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Sheena Colette - Actress: The Bourne Legacy , Nous York, etc. (New York, USA)
Veronica De Laurentiis - Actress: Red Dragon, Wedding Day, etc. (Italy)
Sire James - Singer, Actor (Los Angeles, USA)
Diane Salinger - Actress: Batman Returns, Carnivàle, CSI, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Jose Rosete - Actor: Wild Seven, Sportkill, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Al Sapienza - Actor: Pretty Woman, House of Cards, Lethal Weapon, Gozilla, etc. (USA)
Vittorio Gassman - Actor: Sleepers, Il Sorpasso, etc. (Italy)
Vanna Bonta - Actress/Poet: Revelations, Something's Gotta Give, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Jsu Garcia - Actor/Director: Che: Part One, Spiritual Warriors, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Christopher Vogler - Author, Professor at University of California. (Los Angeles, USA)
Isaac C. Singleton Jr.. - Actor: Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Monsignor Marco Frisina - Composer: Jesus, Pope John Paul II, Mary Magdalene (Italy)
Dennis Slattery- Author, Professor of Mythological Studies (Santa Barbara, USA)
Riccardo Bruscagli - Dantista and Professor at Universita di Firenze (Florence, Italy)
Roberto Fedi - Professor at University for Foreigners Perugia (Perugia, Italy)
Eve Mauro - Actress: The Vortex, The Steam Experiment, etc (Los Angeles, USA)
Massimo Ciavolella - Professor, University of California, Los Angeles (USA)
Arnoldo Foà - Actor: People of Rome, Son of Cleopatra, etc. (Rome, Italy)
Marco Bonini - Actor: 18 Years Later, Under the Tuscan Sun, etc. (Italy)
Adrian Paul - Actor: The Highlander, etc.(Los Angeles, USA)
Marti Kove - Actor: The Karate Kid, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Serena Lorien - Actress: A Way with Murder, Heart Stopper, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Rico Simonini - Actor: Max Payne, My Sister's Keeper, Boston Girls, etc. (USA)
Armand Mastroianni - Director: He Knows You're Alone (Tom Hanks), The Celestine Prophecy, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)
Nia Peeples - Actress: Fame, Walker Texas Ranger, Half Past Dead, etc. (Los Angeles, USA)

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